Eva Health Technologies has today launched a new point-of-care vaccination solution, eVacc, built to tackle the Covid-19 and flu booster programmes starting this autumn.

In anticipation of official clinical guidance, scenario planning has been underway across the NHS for what looks set to be one of the biggest inoculation seasons in history, with the Prime Minister forewarning of a ‘rough winter’ of ‘big pressures’.

Indeed, despite a herculean vaccination effort to date, NHS Digital has been seeking to bring both choice and innovation into the programme to improve persistent software challenges, especially around service outages, speed and data quality.

Today, Eva Health Technologies launches eVacc with a promise of being ‘the most efficient choice’ for vaccinations, buoyed by their highly successful pilot phase at The Crumbles Vaccination center in Eastbourne. The 4-week trial saw highly impressive results, including:

  • Over 16,000 vaccinations administered, including over 1200 in one day
  • 20 seconds saved on average per jab, as reported by the GP leader
  • 0% downtime, meaning not one minute lost to system outages 
  • 100% payment reimbursement accuracy 

As testament to its quality, the pilot site moved their entire operation over to eVacc within the first 48 hours. Contracting GP Federation CEO, Mark Cannon, explained their decision:

“eVacc has made it so easy for us – easy to train, easy to use and easy to increase efficiency. It was a simple decision for us to switch to this PoC software and I have no hesitation in recommending it to other sites”

Employing only modern and robust, cloud-based technology, the eVacc solution records the process of the vaccination from patient consent, vaccination administration and recording of any adverse reactions, as well as advanced batch management and reporting modules. It is interoperable with many national systems including the National Immunisation Management System, the Personal Demographics Service and Foundry, employing NHS’s central Data Processing Services to communicate records back to GP patient records.

Eva is now working closely with clinical partners to optimize for whatever eventuality the winter brings, with the ultimate goal to vaccinate all eligible cohorts as fast as possible. As a new part of the NHS digital infrastructure, eVacc is the latest example of pandemic-inspired innovation helping the NHS deliver unprecedented levels of service.

Eva’s CEO, Maddy Phipps-Taylor, explains: “We’ve proven that our technology we’ve built is quicker, easier to use and more robust than any alternative. Our team is delighted to be able to offer hardworking NHS staff and volunteers a more efficient and innovative choice of software to continue their life-saving work.”

Having been the first to exit NHS Digital’s rigorous assurance processes, eVacc now represents the sole alternative to EMIS’s Pinnacle platform in England, which clinicians and volunteers have been required to use to date. It is available now, completely free to use for local vaccination sites in England, with all costs covered by NHS England.

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