• No system is perfect but being unavailable or unusable has drastic consequences for maintaining health and care services in the health and care settings.
    • Reverting to paper is the age-old option, but now there is a better option to safely record consultations when your principal clinical system is unavailable.
    • Elevate has the basics you need to keep running safely, for a low monthly standby fee and a transparent PAYG price should you need it.

The issue:

Although thankfully rare, there are occurrences of a major clinical system/ platform being unavailable unexpectedly during clinic operating hours. When this happens the implications are significant for both clinical and administrative staff with potential outcomes causing harm to patients. When this happens the implications are significant for clinical and administrative staff, and it has the potential to harm patients.

Currently in these circumstances, clinicians revert to paper, or to systems that are not designed to store clinical data. Instead of reverting to paper, now clinicians from Primary and/or Community care can quickly transition to a lightweight, browser-based system that is ready and waiting.

The solution: Elevate

Using Elevate as an independent, secondary ‘failover’ clinical system for use in a BCDR incident

Using Eva’s Elevate platform: you set up your clinic / surgery on the Elevate platform with a single user account (named or a generic email for use in an emergency). This is called the ‘Standby credentials’.

When a BCDR incident happens and the BCDR plan is triggered, an authorised member of practice/ clinic staff would login using the Standby credentials and invite the other team members that are working that day/ moment to ‘join’ their clinic using their NHS Smartcards or email addresses if they do not have Smartcards.

Users would accept the invite and create a new login (if they don’t have one already). This process would take less than 5 minutes on the first occasion, and then be ready for any subsequent sessions.

You would use NHS PDS to search and register your patients in Elevate, use forms and attachments (images, letters etc) to capture clinical and admin data that they collect, send completed consultations back to permanent GP records EMIS/ TPP via GP Connect Doc Send.

Coming soon! ePrescribing using the NHS EPS service is in development now. This will enable you to process acute prescriptions using your ODS and cost centre codes for your practices.


The process of onboarding is simple, as would only involve a few of your staff, with no data migration and limited configuration. The training would be 1-2 hours for site admins. When used within a BCDR incident training would take less than 10 mins for clinical users (who would most likely do it on the day they need it).


  • Having a completely independent secondary platform would enhance your wider BCDR/ ISO27001 plan.
  • This solution will improve your operational resilience and provide a digital offering that is safer than paper.
  • This is a swift and flexible, workable solution to mitigate the inevitable stress and clinical risk of a Clinical system outage.