Hot off the back of our latest announcement on Private Prescribing, here’s another big new feature: Care Identity Service (CIS2) is now an additional authentication path for accessing Elevate. Smart cards use CIS2 to allow appropriate access to crucial services, currently used by over 800,000 people across the NHS.

Elevate, our modern Medical Records platform, is built to meet the demands of fast-paced and complex NHS environments.

To streamline login, and to set up appropriate access to national NHS ‘Spine’ services, such as Patient Demographic Service, ePrescription Service and eReferral Service, you need to operate with the ubiquitous NHS smartcards.

Using the latest technology for smartcards and authentication available across the NHS, the Elevate platform will be future-proof and highly scalable across all ambulatory care settings in the NHS in England. This development is just one new feature we are launching as part of our work in Urgent Care with partners Ummanu, and in targeting the feature set for the future of Primary Care, as outlined in the Tech Innovation Framework.

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