3. Registering a Patient

2. Find a Patient
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4. Initial Information


Step 1

Note: Only users with role based access will be able to see the ‘register patient’ button.

On the ‘patients’ screen, click ‘register patient’.

The registration screen will be displayed. You can either scan a QR code to find the patient or free type the NHS number.

If you do not have an NHS number, click the toggle to search the PDS using the patients demographics, completing all of the mandatory fields:

  • Family Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Postcode

If you have any additional demographic information, enter it into the search as the search must only return a single patient to be effective. If more than one patient is identified based on the search criteria, you will be prompted to refine the search.

Clicking ‘search on PDS’ will automatically prompt a local search before a PDS search. If a record already exists for the patient in your system, the record will be flagged and you can access the record by clicking ‘go to the patient record’

If the patient doesn’t already have a record in your system, the search continues automatically on the PDS.

Step 2

When you have found the patient on the spine, the data entry fields will be greyed out.

Click ‘create patient’ to register the patient.

The new record for the patient will open and you can either begin to record a ‘new vaccination encounter’ (please see screening & consent for further details) or you can return to ‘patients’ in the navigation pane on the left to find or register another patient.