9. Generating Reports

8. Batch Management
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10. User Management


Step 1

To access the reporting module, click ‘reports’ in the navigation pane on the left.

There are two types of reports available:

  • Adverse Reactions
  • Vaccines

Step 2

Select the date for your report by clicking the ‘calendar’ or typing the required date into the date box.

Step 3

To generate the report, click ‘vaccine report’ or ‘adverse reaction report’. This will automatically download a CSV of your chosen report. Click on the downloaded ‘CSV’ file to open in Excel.

Step 4

When Excel opens, you can view the data and/or ‘save as’ to rename/save the file to a new location. If you do not have the ‘save as’ option on your tool bar, you click the ‘file’ tab and ‘save as’  will be available on the left hand side.