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These FAQs will also be visible by clicking ‘Help’ in the navigation panel of your eVacc product.

Getting Started

How do I reset my password?
If you should forget your password, click “Forgot your password” on the login screen. You will be prompted to enter an email address and, if that matches an existing eVacc user account, a link will be sent to your email address with instructions.

I’ve forgotten my username

Your username will typically be your NHS Mail email address, or the email that was used to send you an invitation to eVacc to set up a password. If you do not know your username, contact your Clinic Administrator or Clinic Manager who will be able to find it for you.

I work at more than one Vaccination Centre? Do I need a separate login for each centre?

No. You will use the same username / password combination, but the role selector will present you with multiple locations. Choose the location at which you are currently working.

I have logged in but the Vaccination Centre I am currently at does not appear in the list of locations.

If the vaccination centre that you are currently working at does not appear in the list, you will need to contact your Clinic Administrator or Clinic Manager. They will be able to add the Vaccination Centre to your user account.

How do I know who I am logged in as in the eVacc solution?

Once you have logged into the eVacc application and presented with the Welcome page, you will see your user role displayed at the top right of the page, next to your name and the Vaccination Centre you are signed in to. This will be present on all pages as you navigate through the system.

Retrieving a patient record

I cannot find my patient.

First check with the patient to ensure you have the correct spelling of their name, that they have not recently changed their name, or if they are known by any other aliases. Remember that you can also retrieve a patient record using a patient’s DOB, NHS number, address, postcode and email address. If the patient you are treating is not available within the patient selector, it might be because they have not been registered yet.  

Adding Clinical Information to a Patient Record

What should I do if I cannot verify the identity of a patient?

First check with the patient to ensure that they have not recently changed their name, or if they are known by any other aliases. Remember that you can also retrieve a patient record using a patient’s DOB, NHS number or address keywords. 

I am recording information on behalf of a colleague. Should I use their login credentials?

No. It’s important that the data stored is accurate, including who recorded the information. Using another person’s login credentials is an offense, and therefore you should ensure you are logged in as yourself at all times. If you are working as a team, and you are recording data on another person’s behalf, then ensure that you select your co-worker’s names from the performer drop-down list before saving the information.

The patient walked out before the vaccine was administered.

A patient may leave the vaccination centre before the vaccine was administered. In this event, for the question “Was the vaccination successfully completed” select “No”. You will be prompted to enter a reason.

Recording an Adverse Reaction

The patient has displayed multiple adverse reactions. How should I record them?

It is possible for a patient to display multiple reactions after a vaccination – such as nausea and inflammation of the vaccination site. Each reaction may be recorded via the ‘adverse reactions’ template in the patient’s record. The template allows you to add multiple reactions to a single encounter.

Administrative Functions

How do I create my “end of day” export CSV files?

On the “Reports” page, you will be able to access a number of relevant reports, including “NHS Digital Daily Clinical Vaccination Extract” and the “NHS Digital Daily Clinical Adverse Reaction Extract”. You must be a Clinical Admin or Clinical Manager to perform this function. Please see ‘generating a report’ in the Training Resource Centre.

I am unable to scan the vaccine barcode.

The barcode contains important information relating to the vaccination – including its batch number and expiry date. Ensure you have reset the barcode scanning flow using the reset button and have tried an alternative scanner. If this is still not working, speak to the Vaccination Centre’s administrator who will inform you of the appropriate process in this situation.


Can I use eVacc on a tablet or Smartphone?

Presently, eVacc has been optimised for use on a desktop, laptop or tablet. It will load on any device with a browser; however, it may not work as expected.

Where can I access eVacc training materials?

eVacc training materials are available on our Training Resource Centre here

Where can I find the eVacc Privacy Policy?

You can download the Privacy Policy here.