Security Measures

Eva Health Technologies fully supports business needs to operate in a manner ensuring that Privacy, Security and Controls are a key cornerstone of any activity.

We design all services with high availability in mind with our goal to deliver a 99.99% uptime across all our product range. In order to achieve this we adopt a number of engineering best practices;

Immutable infrastructure – We don’t make modifications to any live code in production. Our implementation ensures that both software and infrastructure configuration is classified as code. This therefore means that changes go through a formal code review, automated testing and deployment process.

Continuous integration and delivery – We utilise a continuous integration and deployment automation and configuration management tools to build, test and deploy latest code enhancements multiple times a day whilst keeping the service we provide available by adopting a blue/green deployment strategy.

Clinical Safety – Our development and delivery processes are fully compliant with DCB0129 and DCB0160 requirements.

Incident response – Our support team is available to respond to any security or availability incidents immediately.

Permission and Administrative Controls – Eva Health follows the principle of least privilege for any system with access to personal data and has automated tool-based control and logging of data access, entry, deletion, and modification. In addition a monthly audit is undertaken to review all access rights and reinforce that access remains available to the lowest level possible as one of the many activities in maintaining ISO 27001 certification.

Business Continuity – We undertake, at a minimum, twice annually a desktop exercise of responding to fictitious scenarios in order to ensure that team members are aware of the process and allow continued improvement alongside our continued ISO 22301 certification.

Immutable infrastructure

Integration and Delivery

Clinical Safety

Incident response

Permission and Administrative Controls

Business Continuity