Vaccination Administration

5. Screening & Consent
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7. Adverse Reactions

To complete the Vaccine Administration template, please open it by clicking the ‘Record Vaccine Administration’ button under the previously recorded templates in the patient journal (if not already opened via the ‘Save & Proceed’ button of the ‘Screening & Consent’ template).

Now, you are prompted to confirm the identity of the patient. This covers settings in which the ‘Screening & Consent’ and ‘Vaccine Administration’ templates are performed by different users. If there is no switch, you can just confirm the identity by ticking the confirmation box.

The template to record the vaccine administration is now displayed. Click the ‘Vaccinated by’ drop down to select the user who is administering the vaccine. If you have the permission to vaccinate a patient, this will have defaulted to yourself.

Click the ‘Select Batch’ to select the vaccine batch that you are administering from a drop-down list

The Responsible Drawer is the member of staff responsible for the preparation of the syringe that you are going to use – this role is restricted to clinically trained staff members. However, in some settings, the syringes will be prepared by non-clinical staff members under the supervision of the responsible drawer. This can be indicated with the ‘Drawn up by’ field. If the responsible drawer themselves prepared the syringe, please leave this field blank.

The injection site is the patient’s body part at which you are administering the vaccine. While this will usually be one of the patient’s arms, selecting ‘Other’ will provide you with a list of further possible injection sites. 

Please indicate whether the vaccination was successfully completed. Upon selecting  ‘No’, a reason will be required that has to be selected from a dropdown list of predefined reasons. If you select ‘Yes’, an orange box appears, containing all the information that you should discuss with the patient (see image below).  Please inform the patient and confirm this action by clicking the white square