Generating Reports

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Your Reports

To access the reporting module, click ‘Reports’ in the navigation pane on the left.

There are four types of daily reports available (see image below):

  • Encounters in Progress – The number of patients that are currently in the process of being vaccinated, corresponding to a start, but not yet completed vaccination encounter.
  • Vaccines Administered – doses successfully delivered to patients
  • Adverse Reactions – immediate adverse responses to the vaccine
  • Extended Attributes – summarises the additional information provided in the ‘Additional Information’ template for NIMS

Generating Monthly Reports

For reporting on Vaccines Administered, Adverse Reactions or Extended Attributes, you are able to generate a CSV report by month. Select the required date for your report by clicking the ‘calendar’ or typing the required date into the date box.

Downloading Your Report

To generate the report, click ‘vaccine Vaccines Administered’, ‘Adverse Reaction’, or ‘Extended Attributes’ This will automatically download a CSV of your chosen report.

View and Edit your report

Click on the downloaded ‘CSV’ file to open in Excel, where you can view the data and/or ‘save as’ to rename/save the file to a new location.

BSA Claims Report

The fourth report is a dashboard presentation rather than a downloaded file. Here you will see a date selector form a specific month.



Once you have selected a specific month the BSA Status ‘dashboard’ will change to reflect the totals of the selected month.