Batch Management

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9. Generating Reports

Click on ‘Batch Management’ in the navigation bar. 

This leads you to the list of the vaccine batches that are currently available for vaccination. 

Press the ‘Add Batch/Lot’ button. This button is only available for ‘Healthcare Professional Supervisors’ and ‘Clinic Managers’.

A pop-up will ask you to select the method with which you want to register the batch – via the scanning of the barcode of the batch, or entering manually. In this example, we will choose the manual option.

The next step is the selection of the appropriate vaccine type in a drop-down list. The list displays all options that are currently authorised in the UK.

Now, enter the expiry date of the batch in the appropriate field.  Note: Pfizer-BioNTech also has a “use by date”.

The two toggle buttons below help you to control the batch: 

  • ‘Status In Stock’: ‘In Stock’ indicates that vaccine vials are available (vs depleted). We highly recommend to toggle it to ‘Depleted’ as soon as all syringes of a batch are used. This ensures that going forward the batch can only be selected in the recording of historic vaccinations.
  • ‘Status for Vaccination’: ‘Available’ indicates that the batch can be selected during current vaccinations (option only possible for batches “In Stock”). ‘Unavailable’ means that the batch can not be selected by vaccinators, which is a good option if, for instance, another batch should be used up first due to an earlier expiry date.

Click ‘Save’.

Now, the batch appears in the appropriate list: 

‘Available for Vaccination’ = ‘In Stock’ & ‘Available’

‘On Hold’ = ‘In Stock’ & ‘Unavailable’

‘All’ = In any case (if ‘Depleted’ only in this list)