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ElevateView provides clinicians with a summarised patient record whenever, wherever.

The below quick start video covers logging in for the first time, setting up your users, finding patients and viewing their GP Connect record.

NOTE: All patient data is fictitious, no real patient data is used in any training content

ElevateView User Guides

Click here to download the ElevateView Guide

The User Guide contains:

  • Logging in
  • Registering or finding a patient
  • Summary of all sections of the GP Connect Record

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ElevateView FAQs


      The main reason GP Connect may not show is because the patient may be known as a sensitive patient, this means their records are protected and not available to view. Another reason could be the patient isn’t PDS verified or the patient currently doesn’t have a registered GP practice. For more details, please refer to the ElevateView User Guide.

      GP Connect data is displayed in real time from the patient’s GP practice, where local records will have been synchronised with the Patient Demographic Search, subject to delays. The delay is dependent on GP Practices being contacted and how they update their GP Connect record. These differences are noted on the GP Connect page.

      No. There is currently no option to access a patient record which is protected. If a patient believes this is a mistake, please advise them to contact their GP Practice who will be able to make amendments to their record.

      As GP Connect allows the user to view a patient’s sensitive medical records, access is restricted only to Health Care Professionals and Health Care Professional Supervisors within ElevateView. If you are a registered Health Care Professional, please contact your site admin to amend your user role.

      GP connect can only be accessed by a user with a Health Care Professional or a Health Care Professional Supervisor role. You can check which role the user has by searching for them within User Management. If their role is different to those stated above, you can easily change it by toggling the current role off and enabling one of the above. 


        Presently, ElevateView has been optimised for use on a desktop, laptop or tablet. It will load on any device with a browser; however, it may not work as expected.

        eView training materials are available on our Help Centre here

        You can download the Privacy Policy here.