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  • What are the main benefits of switching to eVacc?

NHS Digital Assured

Completely FREE – costs covered by NHS

The only software purpose-built for combined covid booster + flu season

20 seconds saving per jab

0 % downtime to date

  • Can I switch from Pinnacle if I’ve listed them as my supplier on the Phase 3 EOI?

Yes absolutely, the EOI is non-binding.

  • Can I have access to a demo / sandpit environment to use in my own time?

Yes you can. Please follow the link below and we’ll send you instructions within 24 hours:


  • Does PDS lookup require a smartcard?

No, you simply access eVacc by username and password. PDS is used within the patient registration process and simply requires the NHS number or even a QR code / scanner. Where an NHS number is not available you can use key demographic fields such as Family name and date of birth.

  • Can eVacc be used for home-visit vaccinations and care home patients? 

Yes, it’s built into the workflow and we ensure that the relevant BSA claim is raised containing the suitable supplement.

  • Does the system support recording by an admin member of staff supporting a vaccinator?

Yes, that’s correct.

  • Is there any ‘import’ function that will allow the import of a clinical list, eg. from AccuBook booking list?

Unfortunately not but our PDS integration means you can use the data from the lists provided to quickly and easily search the national register via NHS number or QR code / scanner.


  •  How robust is the solution?

The solution is very robust and designed with resilience in mind. The solution is replicated over three instances, ensuring that should a single node fail then the solution will continue to perform. In addition to resilience we have not had a single support ticket raised through the NHS Vaccination Service Desk to date.

  • Has there been any down time?

Since launching in March, there has been no down-time or outage of the service. During deployment we utilise a Blue/Green approach which means that the end users experience no downtime during upgrades. 

  • What is a Blue/Green deployment?

The initial deployment is to a new instance of the solution that, once complete and tested, is then switched to seamlessly. This then directs all users to use the newly deployed instance with no downtime.

  • What if the servers go down?

As mentioned, the solution operates out of three resiliency zones within AWS. This ensures that the application is highly available whilst ensuring that data remains within England. However, should the service become unavailable as part of the onboarding process we share a paper form to help capture the vaccination event.

  • Is there a back-up paper form should the system go down?

Yes, that’s correct. We provide this prior to going live, although we hope you won’t need it!

Data Sharing / Clinical Records

  • Do the core medical records get updated when using eVacc?

Yes, records are updated in the foundation systems (EMIS, S1 / TPP etc.)

  • If editing something in eVacc, will the medical record be updated?

Yes, records are updated in the foundation systems (EMIS, S1 / TPP etc.)

  • How does this work?

Twice daily the eVacc application generates extract files which are then submitted securely to the NHS Data Processing Service (DPS). The DPS then validates the extracts and shares them with the National Immunization Management System(NIMS) and also GP foundation systems (EMIS, TPP and Vision). The GP foundation systems then consume this data and create local records within their system.

  • Does the data auto code into the foundation systems? 

Yes, that’s correct.

  • Does the contact number of the patient pre-populate based on GP records?

Yes, that’s correct.

  • What are the time frames from completing on eVacc and the data showing in the GP clinical record? 

The normal time for this process to complete end to end is roughly 24 hours; however the underlying service level agreement in place between DPS and GP foundation systems allows up to 5 working days.


  • Can you view BSA claims on a daily or only monthly basis?

Within eVacc’s reporting module there is a realtime dashboard of BSA Claims performed per month. In addition to this, downloadable reports allow you to determine which patients have had claims raised within a timeframe of your choosing.


  • Why do you use our first ODS code and not the new one like Pinnacle?

Due to the time-sensitive nature of getting vaccination sites up and running along with system limitations within Pinnacle there was a need to separate sites into smaller groups. This then led to a need to have multiple ODS codes attributed to a single site. Eva does not have this limitation therefore can utilise the initial ODS code that was created. This is also based on guidance from NHS Digital and verified during the onboarding process.


  • What is your support structure?

We offer hypercare during the go-live period whereby Eva team members will be in constant contact with you offering support and guidance where required. Once you are up and running we will then hand over the initial point of contact to the National Vaccination Service Desk which is operated by ATOS. Please note however that we are always available should you have any concerns or queries.