eVacc: calling all vaccinators

Winter is coming!

Winter is just around the corner – but we’re here to help

eVacc is your purpose-built software for Covid-19 and flu vaccinations.

This software is FREE for PCNs as it’s covered by NHS-Digital.

For that no cost, you get:

Fast, efficient data entry.

Accessible on desktop and tablet.

Zero downtime since launch.

Skilled support is just a phone call away.

Click here for eVacc demo

Get started with eVacc

To help you get started, we recommend taking a demo with a member of our skilled support team. There you will have the chance to see eVacc in action, see how simple it is to switch, and ask questions. Click “get started” to fill out the form that will get the ball rolling!

If you choose, you can also access a secure testing environment, where you can experience eVacc for yourself, safe in the knowledge that you will not be making any changes to your data.

Finally, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Get started

NB: NHS Digital require 7 days’ notice before going live.

Demo environment

Request a demo environment email instructions and links sent within 24 hours.

Contact us

Contact us for any enquiries.

Switching made simple

We want to ensure you know how simple it is to switch from your current point-of-care solution to eVacc. Here’s what to do:

Click the “get started” button above and fill in the order from. There is nothing to sign, and it takes just 2 minutes!

Attend our demo, and if you like what you see, we’ll give NHS Digital 7 days’ notice before going live – you don’t have to handle any communications.

We will then provide you with Super Admin training of 30 minutes and User training of only 5 minutes.

Then you’re good to go! There is no download, no data migration and you can login from any browser!

Quick training

No download

No data migration

Building to the Eva standard


Resilient, robust, built-for-scale

Interoperable as standard


Modern UX / UI

Agile, Scaleable, Iterative

FREE for GP Practices / LVS

All costs covered by NHS Digital