About Us

Eva – latin derivative of ‘Eve’ – from the Hebrew meaning “mother of life”.

Our Story


Founded in 2020, Eva Health Technologies is the result of a meeting of minds between Microtest and PUBLIC.

Microtest has been an integral part of the UK primary care digital infrastructure for over 30 years. In PUBLIC – a venture capital firm founded to transform public services through the power of technology – they found the perfect partner.

Eva represents PUBLIC’s first foray into health tech, and this union sees an ideal fusion of experience and a fresh, forward-thinking perspective for UK healthcare.

Though the Covid-19 pandemic has led to large-scale grief and hardship, we hope that its legacy will be one of technological change for the industry, with Eva at its heart.

We listen to the needs of healthcare professionals, creating innovative information systems to help them work smarter, simpler and more efficiently.

We believe in the power of technology to solve healthcare challenges.

We strive to deliver genuine social impact.