About Us

Eva – from the Hebrew meaning “mother of life”

Founded in 2020, Eva resulted from a meeting of minds between Microtest and PUBLIC.

Microtest has been an integral part of the UK primary care digital infrastructure for over 30 years. In PUBLIC – a venture capital firm on a mission to transform public services through technology – they found the perfect partner.

Eva represents PUBLIC’s first foray into health tech, and sees an ideal fusion of experience with a fresh, forward-thinking perspective.

We’re just at the start of our journey.

With a new CEO, new investors and a refocused strategy, the company is making significant changes to ensure we can deliver its mission to revolutionize the way the NHS engages and supports citizens to live their healthiest lives. 

Later in 2020 we made the bold choice to start again, rebuilding the company from the ground-up on new and more fitting foundations, giving us the best chance to compete and drive the agenda for change in UK healthcare.

Our first module, eVacc, a point-of-care vaccination platform, hit the market in April 2021 and has already been adopted across a range of GP networks across England.

As we continue to evolve our solution, into the best-in-class solution in the market, it will continue to help healthcare professionals work smarter, simpler and more efficiently and genuinely save lives.

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