“At Eva, we believe people are at their most resilient and passionate when they are working for a mission they believe in.”

Our CEO, Maddy Phipps-Taylor was recently invited to feature on The Purposeful Strategist, the podcast that aims to shift the conversation about purpose and strategy from what organisations should do to what business leaders are doing.

The purpose-driven CEO: How we are fulfilling our mission and disrupting the Medical Record space

When PUBLIC Group acquired Microtest to create Eva Health Technologies in 2020, Maddy was hired as CEO to align with PUBLIC’s purpose of transforming the public sector’s services. Eva directed its focus on creating tech specifically for clinicians and administrators in healthcare in a mission to improve patient care.

In the first six months of new management, Eva underwent significant changes, rebranding and reshaping its values. Under Maddy’s leadership, the team implemented these changes quickly and effectively, resulting in a more streamlined and mission-focused organisation. 

Being driven by the pressures of the pandemic, and inspired by knowing we had a lot to offer, we pushed the boundaries of existing legacy systems with new tech that offered greater flexibility, agility and security.

This significant tech mission to upgrade and improve the quality of medical software, resulted in our Covid-19 and flu point-of-care solution, eVacc. eVacc went on to be used by 82 Primary Care Networks, allowing them to record jabs and process the data safely and securely on a national scale. 

Despite our rapid product development, we remain a close-knit company that aims to (safely and considerately) disrupt the technologically-challenged healthcare industry. Our engagement with focus groups and open offices have allowed us to gather feedback and ideas from stakeholders, emphasising the importance of customer service and support. 

Throughout our development, we continue to return to our purpose. We connect with clinicians every day, to maintain focus on why they are doing what they are doing, and therefore why we are doing what we are doing. 

At Eva, we believe people are at their most resilient and passionate when they are working for a mission they believe in. Eva is proud to support and champion the movement for purposeful work. 

Maddy on The Purposeful Strategist: listen now

You can hear the full story from Maddy herself, and just how Eva’s purpose aligns with her own.

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