Want better ePrescribing software? Pilot our software now and join the Eva-lution!

We’re looking for ‘First of Type’ pilot sites for ePrescribing

Supported by NHS England’s Assurance teams, ‘First of Type’ is a key milestone for all new software in the NHS. This is when a new software platform or module gets to be tested with real patient data for the first time, taking it from Testing and Assurance into a live deployment.

We are looking for sites with strong clinical leadership who are willing to help us take this step with our new ePrescribing module within our Medical Records platform, Elevate.

Why do we want ‘First of Type’ pilot sites for ePrescribing?

As we develop ePrescribing on Elevate, we want to ensure that it meets the needs of prescribers in the most effective and efficient way, in addition to being clinically safe and using a robust integration to the ePS national system.

As a ‘First of Type’ prescriber, you have the opportunity to provide feedback on the functionality and usability of our Elevate platform, directly feeding back any ideas and improvements.

Think this might be for you? Please get in touch!

This opportunity is probably not suitable for most Services, Practices or Clinics, but is it right for yours? If you are interested in participating in our ‘First of Type’ partner testing programme, please get in touch. We’d appreciate your support to help us create safe and effective electronic prescribing within our Medical Record platform.

Want to get involved but not ready to join the pilot?

Earlier this year, we launched our beta-testing community, Friends of Eva. Healthcare professionals are getting involved in our challenges and providing us with some much-appreciated feedback. We’re continuing to improve our platform based on feedback from our Friends. If you want to become a Friend of Eva, join in!