“It takes a village to raise a child.”

– African proverb, unattributed.

In much the same way, it takes a team to look after the health and care needs of a person. What is needed to help facilitate this team-based approach? A solid software solution to support collaboration at scale, joining people up across multiple sites and services 24/7. We’re on a mission to support you to do this.

What do we mean by ‘ICS-ready’? Integrated Care Systems within the NHS in England have a pivotal role in coordinating a complex web of services within a geographic patch. The job is tough, and being able to support flexibility yet consistency of service is a mental Rubik’s cube.

Three ways we help you to think – and deliver – big:

  1. Service design flexibility: Fast creation of new service-lines and simple patient registration for services delivered at one site on behalf of a whole area, using existing EMRs can lead to many ‘temporary’ registrations and a clunky experience with dedicated staff having to get full access to a GP system. Our ‘service line’ approach (rather than physical site or clinic) means that you can spin up a new service-line quickly without disrupting your GP EMR, and can provide a consistent experience for all patients.
  2. Protocol standardisation: Standardised, easy to update Clinical and Admin protocols – eForms that can be spread easily across all Elevate sites in your System / network / group. Using the ‘Proprietary’ eForms Library, forms that are built once can be automatically applied to all services in scope and upgrades to the forms can come through automatically too. These forms can be make ‘Open Source’ and available to all Elevate sites, or ‘Proprietary’ and only available to those you specify (whether you charge your Services for the use is up to you!). Check out our eForms library.
  3. Workforce flexibility: Single password across services with simple user management – clinical and admin users in the Elevate platform use a single log-in for all their services so there is only one username and password to remember. The same log-in credentials also work if you have multiple roles at the service (e.g., a doctor and the Caldicott Guardian) so you can easily switch between these roles without logging out and back in. The aim here is to make it easy to use the right role for the action you are performing at that moment in time. This is part of privacy-by-design.
    • Upcoming developments: as part of our build towards the specifications for full Primary Care IT systems, the team at Eva are busy working on integrating NHS login (smartcards and CIS2 authentication). This will make it even easier for users to log in (and for administrators to grant and revoke access too).

For administrators and coordinators working across a network, our easy log-in, flexible and customisable forms, and simple data download can help to optimise resources and care delivery at the system, local and even at the specific patient level.

Where are we in the process of NHS assurance?

Our Covid-19 vaccination software – eVacc – is already assured for use in the NHS and available via the GP IT Future Framework. Many of the features in Elevate have been inherited from this product so are tried and tested already.

As of January 2023, the Elevate platform is starting assurance through the NHS Digital Technology Innovation Framework, and we are working with early adopter sites to help to accelerate the build time for further features on our ‘roadmap’.

To find out more about the NHS Early Adopter programme follow this link: https://digital.nhs.uk/services/digital-care-services-catalogue/tech-innovation-framework/early-adopter-support

Find out more by booking a demo with our team or join our beta-testing community.