Our lives can’t easily be distilled into words alone. We use video, photos, audio and more to share what matters to us and about us in the rest of our lives. Why should our health be any different? Things have rightly moved on from the old-style ‘Lloyd George’ paper notes after all…

Modern Medical Records incorporate all sorts of data: written notes, clinical codes, images, videos, audio and even the stubbornly popular ‘letter’. In fact, every day GP practices across the country are scanning and matching tens of thousands of letters about patient care and follow-ups from other health providers. 

Why just attach, when you can integrate?

Modern Medical Record platforms need to bring all these data formats together in a way that helps clinicians make great clinical decisions quickly. Historically documents (letters, emails and other PDFs or Word files) have been stored in separate systems from the core patient record. This is mostly a quirk of the process of digitisation around the traditional paper-based workflows replicated rather than innovated. Think filing-cabinet with information in different drawers, just now that’s digital not physical…

At Eva, we believe medical data should be easily accessible and in context for each patient. A better informed decision is a better decision. That’s why we have integrated ‘Content’ (not just ‘Document’) Management within our digital patient record. This is for letters, test results, images, videos and audio. This is now included as standard in our Elevate platform. 

What’s more, we don’t use any weird or proprietary formats and support all commonly available file formats. We are keeping it simple: what you upload, you can download. 

Receiving digital files from other services or software? No problem: come tell us who and we will work with them to get the data directly and safely onto your patient records. 

Our aim is to deliver modern Medical Records that work as hard as you do. 

Get in touch with us to hear more about how we can support you, or join our beta-testing community.