“Collaboration is everything!”

Was an email sign-off from a colleague that has stayed with me over the years.

As individuals working within healthcare, we are acutely aware of where we sit within the broader system. Strength comes from community.

As I’ve moved into working in digital health, the parallels are obvious. All members of the team play crucial, interdependent roles. Whether it be Product or Assurance, Safety or Operations, Chief Exec or Chief Tech, we all need each other.

At Eva, clinicians’ voices are welcomed and sought-out from the inception of solutions through to forging strong relationships with our delivery partners. It’s only through a deep, working understanding of problems for which the solutions are designed, alongside the environment in which they will be used that we can be confident of their value. Ultimately, we’re here to create great tech to make the busy working lives of clinicians a whole lot better.

In a small organisation, we are delighted to have a strong clinician presence, with three GPs and one pharmacist in-house, as well as the expertise of a further GP as Clinical Safety Officer. But now we’re seeking to extend this network to other voices…

Friends of Eva

So, we’d like to announce a new initiative: the ‘beta testing’ community, AKA the ‘Friends of Eva. It aims to be a community of healthcare workers with one thing in common: a curiosity about how better EMR software can help, not hinder our working lives. We’ll be sharing our latest version of Elevate, our user-friendly, cloud-based, no-download, super-secure software and seeking feedback on how to make it better.

The ask of the community

We would love your feedback, warts and all. We’ve fiddled with Elevate, tried to break it and now it’s your turn to noodle around with it too. Your feedback will be heard. It will be essential in helping us evolve the solution, making sure it’s what you need.

We will send you a weekly challenge with a specific task to complete and give us feedback on. It will take 3-5 minutes to complete. There will be no coding involved. We will use your feedback to look at how we improve and refine that feature even more before publishing them for real.

We have designed the challenges to be done in a coffee break as a way to access your brain’s creative and problem-solving skills with something that is fun and satisfying.

If you are too busy, then skip the challenge. If you want to stop altogether, then no worries about that either.

And the offer of the community

Kudos and a shout-out through our networks for your invaluable insights, and the chance to see our latest designs and have your suggestions made into reality through software. We will also run mini-competitions with the prize being a fruit basket (or similar) delivered to your door.

Register today

Fancy giving it a go? Register now to join our beta-testing community!