eForms are everywhere. Our clinicians and administrators have experienced them all: the good, the bad and the ugly. Forms are the unavoidable backbone of clinical data, but they just got a little better.

What’s in an eForm?

It seems initially to be a simple concept, right? A form is there to capture information. But in reality, forms can help in gathering and documenting information in four main ways:

  • Align with scientific and operational best practice.
  • Streamline and speed up.
  • Improve consistency of clinical coding.
  • Reduce typos.

Scope: Whether you want your form to be long or short, capture every data point, or just to pump-prime a conversation between patient and clinician, we can help. Whatever the need, there’s a form for that! Or if there isn’t, there can be soon….

What’s different about our eForms?

An EMR that has eForms is a bit Y2K, isn’t it? Perhaps. So what’s different about our eForms? Well, we have geared our Medical Records software around collecting data through forms, and being optimised for working across multi-disciplinary teams. It’s not a separate plug-in but an integral design feature. And we offer flexibility: you can design your forms to make them very specific to your service (what we call ‘private’ forms), or you can use forms that have been designed and pre-built by others.

To make your selection of pre-built forms simple we have a Library of forms and you will be able to select from two sorts:

  1. Open Source – free and available to everyone in the Elevate platform. These may have been entered by Eva, designed and shared by you, or anyone else on the Elevate platform.
  2. Proprietary / third party – these are subscription-based bundles of forms that could come from a third party, or from your HQ or ICS. These may be paid for or free, depending on the terms of your subscription agreement with the author.

We think about healthtech differently

We are proud to think about healthtech differently, providing a platform that delivers for everyone – the private and bespoke, the Open Source and free, and the proprietary to help maximise impact through scale.

Anyone can be an Open Source author. Initially our team will help you craft your form, but we have plans to train anyone who wants to in a ‘low-code’ environment to create them themselves. Open Source helps us to share great ideas across all Elevate services so you can do it once, and others benefit many times. This is a great model of spreading innovation and saving money across the Elevate user network.

That said, if you have something where there is a group / network / ICS wide set of forms, and you want to restrict access or even sell them to others, we can do that too. Our proprietary offering allows you to have a subscription-based approach that is simple to administer.

Contact us for more information on how this will work for you, or check out our eForms library.