Eva Health Technologies has been awarded a place on the new Technology Innovation Framework (‘TIF’) run by NHS Digital. The new framework has been designed to encourage innovation and support the transition from legacy software systems to the next generation of Primary Care IT.

At Eva, we believe strongly that clinicians should be able to freely choose from a suite of high quality tools that meet their needs. Our inclusion on this new framework reflects our ongoing commitment to ensuring good tech gets into the hands of clinicians.

In healthcare, like much of the rest of our lives, access to high quality information is essential to make good decisions. Almost a million patient contacts happen in Primary Care every day. In each one, crucial decisions are made. These decisions are informed by information stored within records and built upon, and very often facilitated by the software (e.g., submitting a prescription or requesting a blood test electronically).

The Primary Care Medical Record remains the centre of the digital landscape for the whole NHS. More now than ever, Primary Care IT systems are coming into the forefront of our connected NHS ecosystem for the benefit of every patient, and every Primary Care healthcare professional and administrator.

CEO of Eva, Maddy Phipps-Taylor, said:

“Technology can be a fantastic enabler of excellent care, but it can also be a barrier and frankly a frustration for clinicians and administrators who already have a tough job.

“At Eva, we are working tirelessly to put better tech into the hands of NHS clinicians and administrators so that they can deliver the best possible care to their patients. Being awarded a place on this new procurement framework will help open opportunities for us to help more people, more quickly, with brilliant, modern, reliable technology.”

As a software supplier that has experienced the transition from GP Systems of Choice, GP IT Futures and now the TIF, Eva has seen the strategic progress that the NHS are making towards offering a wider range of better software choices to Primary Care. Over the coming months, Eva’s upgrades and new module launches will be coming through thick and fast.

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