On 12th & 13th October 2022 at Birmingham NEC, Eva Health Technologies exhibited at Best Practice Show

One of the UK’s leading events for primary care, and one of the largest in Europe to showcase the latest innovations in health technology, processes and thinking. Best Practice Show has over 4,000 senior decision makers from primary care, so our first official presence at an event was one we felt was a great opportunity!

Key themes and our takeaways

Continuity and access

Little surprise that much of the chatter stemmed from the recent Secretary of State for Health Therese Coffey’s Our Plan For Patients; access and continuity.  

There has of course been a move to operating at scale both as Primary Care Networks and on a larger scale as Integrated Care Systems. There is an intrinsic risk when dealing with bigger organisations, in healthcare or beyond, that they can feel impersonal.  In healthcare this translates into a very real risk that the human-to-human connection that lies at its heart is lost. The answer – embrace systems, processes and tools to measure continuity in order to bake this into primary care working.  

Triage, triage, triage!  

Across so much of the conference reverberated tales of embracing triage tools.  Often the driver for making the change was a vast mismatch between need and provision of primary care services, with clinicians feeling overwhelmed and patients struggling to get an appointment. The initial transition to triage was often bumpy.  A common reflection was that the shift was best done swiftly, with good communication with patients to ensure they were kept in the loop about the need and expected benefits to them.

How digital transformation can help patient care

One of our own key messages was that healthcare professionals do not need to provide care alone, and there is significant software and support available. Healthcare is going through a digital transformation, with Best Practice Show presenting the ideal chance to show NHS workers what they can do with that extra technological help and guidance. 

Making medical records accessible and secure

Despite the backdrop of the digital transformation revolution, it is no secret that times are tough for healthcare professionals. With all the NHS has gone through, particularly in the last two years, we were privileged to at last have had the opportunity to speak to healthcare professionals personally, and hear firsthand the challenges they have faced with their vaccination software, and with keeping their patients’ medical records accessible and secure.

Our interactions at Best Practice Show reinforced that we have the technology and skills to step up and help hard-pressed healthcare professionals capture and access their patients’ data quickly and safely.  

We were delighted to be able to demonstrate face-to-face our vaccination solution eVacc, outline our development of Elevate, our electronic medical record platform, and hear the enthusiastic response to what our young and fresh company can bring. 

It was a wonderful opportunity for us to meet more NHS workers, who, like us, are looking for clinically safe digital solutions which can maximise their time with patients.

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If you would like to chat to us more about the challenges you face, about what you want most out of your medical records, or to see any of our products in action, then we would love to hear from you.

Our Elevate leaflet can be found here.