We’re often advised by friends to change our mobile phone network for a better deal and improved coverage, or recommended by our family to use a different airline for friendlier service and easier booking. 

However, why is it that when we are using software in our day-to-day jobs, we make do instead of doing it better?

Is it because we are so busy, there is simply no time to stop and make a change, even if it were to save you time in the long run?

Is it because we are accustomed to our current software and do not want to have to learn another, even if it would be so much more reliable and secure, and the training team would be with you every step of the way?

Or is it simply that we don’t always know how to go about it?

How do I change my vaccination software?

We want to ensure you know how simple it is to switch from your current point-of-care solution to eVacc. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Click the “get started” button on our eVacc product page and fill in the order form. There is nothing to sign, and it takes just two minutes!
  • Attend our demo, and if you like what you see, we’ll give NHS Digital the required seven days’ notice before going live – you don’t have to handle any communications.
  • We will then provide you with Super Admin training of 30 minutes and User training of only five minutes.
  • Then you’re good to go! There is no download, no data migration and you can login from any browser.

That’s it. Simple

Why would I change my vaccination software?

We completely understand that you may be already on a solution that’s allowing you to do your job.

But what if you had a Covid and flu vaccination solution that allowed you to do your job better, faster and more securely?

Here’s the facts:

  • eVacc is free for PCNs as it’s covered by NHS-England.
  • eVacc has a proven track record and has recorded over 1 million jabs.
  • eVacc is a reliable software that has been used by over 70 PCNs for over a year with 99.999% uptime.
  • eVacc has been upgraded for the 2022/23 vaccination season, with the latest vaccines and clinical protocols.
  • eVacc offers the freedom to roam in any setting with only internet access needed.
  • eVacc training is available on our website, any time of the day or night, and you’ll be supported by a Customer Services team that you can talk to on the phone

Still not sure? Here’s what our customers have to say:

“We took the plunge and changed from using Pinnacle to eVacc at the start of the rushed section of Phase 3. There were grumbles about the change, but it was really easy to do and as soon as we started using it everyone commented how much easier and quicker it was. Reporting is so much better, and reconciling payments with MYS has been much smoother. The team is responsive to queries and it has been a success all round!”

– Francesca Lasman, PCN Clinical Director, A1 PCN

“We have found this to be the easiest and most straight forward system to use. All of our vaccinators have commented on how user friendly it is and how it will alert them to any issues with the vaccinations, e.g. vaccination too early, incorrect vaccine type. The most useful was easiest reporting which is very simple to use and the reports run within seconds. Overall, we are very pleased with this system.”

– Dr Ivan Aloysius, PCN Clinical Director, Birch Hill Vaccination service

“Our admin team have found the system really simple to use and much more user friendly than our previous system. Adding users and batches is super easy and has made things much easier for us at our vaccine site.”

– Zeynep Turkoz, Lead Care Coordinator, Poole North Primary Care Network

Any other questions about our point-of-care solution?

We recently hosted a webinar featuring eVacc. Check it out below for a demo of our vaccination software, eVacc, and a quick Q&A!

At Eva Health Technologies, our job is to support you

This starts with giving you the most efficient vaccination solution this autumn and winter campaign, built with you in mind

It’s not too late to make the switch to ensure your site is fully supported with the best vaccination software. Get started now by filling in this quick form, or get in touch if you have any other questions.

Some IT projects need to be big, hairy and audacious. eVacc is different. Keeping simple things simple, that’s the Eva way. 

Already using eVacc and want to spread the word?

If you’re already using eVacc and would like to refer a friend, we’ll donate £50 to COVAX when they convert!

To do this, have your friend email hello@evahealth.co.uk, or you can drop us an email with them cc’d on the message.