This week we hit 50 live vaccination sites using eVacc, our point-of-care vaccination platform. It marks a huge milestone for our team, and an opportune moment to take stock of all our eVac-chievements. Enjoy!

June 22nd may not mean much to people outside of Eva. But for us at Eva, it acts as a sort of second birthday. This isn’t because Eva is actually a monarch, keen to celebrate both privately and publicly, but rather because this was the date that eVacc, the first product we’ve been building since our reincarnation to Eva, achieved full assurance and thus entered the market.
It was a proud day, the result of months and months of hard work, but really it was only the beginning. At the time of writing, we’re four months into our ‘live’ journey with eVacc and, alongside our 50 sites, there are countless other facts and figures we wanted to share:


  • First to complete NHSD assurance for the Covid POC features 4 months ahead of any other supplier
  • First and only SME and New Market Entrant to complete the NHSD assurance process
  • 5 national NHS system integrations, all fully assured
  • Helped to define test scenarios to safely expedite Assurance processes for new features
  • First to work through assurance on using new NHSD delivered APIs – PDS FHIR


  • 50 sites within 4 months of assurance in June
  • 20 seconds quicker per jab, as estimated by pilot site compared to Pinnacle.
  • 2000+ registered users onboarded and using the platform
  • 700+ GP Practices receiving data from Eva system
  • 120,000+ jabs recorded in first 2 weeks of October
  • c. 200,000 patient records stored
  • 10 % estimated daily max share of jabs delivered in our segment


  • 0% downtime in first 5 months
  • 20 upgrades delivered in first 5 months
  • Single instance infrastructure for all sites means single deployment process that takes less than 1 hour from start to finish
  • Zero downtime deployments approach allows for in-hours upgrades.


  • 10 minute intro call, then 30 minute relationship kick-off call with the customer’s project team
  • 60-90 minute optional Super Admin training webinar/ call
  • 5 minute typical training for new vaccinators
  • All training materials available on website at any time
  • 1 day turnaround on launching new sites (once ODS approved by NHSD)

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Have used the new eVacc vaccine portal. Substantial improvement on Pinnacle”
Keith Grimes,
GP, Clinical Director at Babylon

“Assessor feedback was extremely positive […] I have to say the best we have ever seen”
Assurance Dept,
Birmingham CCG

“It looks like it is saving time (estimate 20 seconds per vaccination) which is simply huge”
Mark Cannon,
CEO, South Downs GP Federation

“When are you bringing an EMIS alternative?”
Farhan Amin
GP + NHS Clinical Entrepreneur

Not Too Late to Switch

We are extremely proud of our progress to date, knowing we’re providing genuine support to clinicians who are tackling one of the busiest and most vital immunisation seasons in NHS history.

And it’s not too late to get involved. We’re 50 not out. eVacc remains available for Covid-19 and flu vaccinations. and is fully assured. To learn more, please visit our eVacc page.

In fact, at the time of writing, we’re up to 51!