As we approach the end of the challenging year that has been 2020, the team at Eva have been channelling all their efforts into building a new COVID solution. Developed on our new Elevate platform, helping clinicians to deliver the massive COVID vaccination programmes that are instrumental to getting life back to normal.

The new solution targets accurate, rapid recording of vaccinations and adverse reactions, with a specific focus on Covid-19 vaccinations. Based on our years of experience in clinical record systems, and understanding of the COVID vaccination programmes in England and Guernsey, this tool is developed as a light-weight yet powerful tool to help the fast, effective roll out of large scale vaccination programmes. 

Key features: 

  • Dedicated light-weight solution that is reliable and scalable (no legacy gremlins in our code!) 
  • Thoughtful and easy to understand look and feel, to minimise training time for staff and avoid confusion or error
  • Latest standards for data coding and preparedness for interoperability, using FIHR and SNOMED standards 
  • Based on English requirements in English language, however, can be configured and translated into any single-byte language. 

For a discussion of your specific needs, to arrange a demo, or find out more at our next webinar, please email: