Join the HealthTech Revolution: join our Community and have your voice heard!

Do you want to be part of building the health tech products of the future? Today we launched the Eva Community, and we would love you to join! 

Our mission at Eva is to create a happier and healthier world through health tech, to help us achieve this we are introducing the Eva Community. A place for healthcare professionals and administrators to collaborate, innovate and help build the electronic healthcare record of the future. 

As a member of the Eva Community, you will become a part of our “product” team and will have the opportunity to tell us what you really think. You will be able to participate in feature voting, surveys, discussion boards, research and product testing. We’ll also give you a sneak peak of what we’re working on before it is ready for launch to practices. 

Tatiana Nianiaris, Head of Product, Eva Health Technologies:

“Our product and design teams will be engaging with the Eva Community regularly throughout the product life cycle. Partnering with our intended users as early as possible will ensure clinicians and practice staff have a significant impact in designing software that really works for them and helps them to deliver high quality patient care.” 

Your insights are important to us as they will help make Eva Health Technologies unique. We are determined to incorporate as much real user research into our products as we can.

Joining is simple and hassle free. If you are a clinician, healthcare administrator, care professional, or a health tech enthusiast please sign up by emailing us at or filling out this form.

Share your views on what really matters to you!