As we see a glimmer of light on the horizon with Covid vaccinations coming out of trials, pressure is on to consider the mammoth task of how this can be delivered to the most vulnerable, our healthcare workers, key workers and well… everyone!

Here at Eva Health, we’ve been working with the National bodies to help them understand how their local and mass vaccination programmes will work from a digital perspective. 

How can vaccinations be delivered across all settings within the healthcare ecosystem, and beyond, to achieve the scale required to make life more normal again for all of us? We’ve been asking our stakeholders what they really need and want. So far the ask has been clear: 

  • It needs to be a fast, reliable, secure solution for the recording of vaccinations, either provided inside or outside of a GP Practice (eg, in sports stadium,  drive-thru venue etc)
  • It needs to send vaccination records back to GP practices’ to become part of the critical longitudinal primary care record
  • It needs to accurately report on vaccination status and provide centralised reports, with potential to interface to future Covid-Safe Certificate services.

So, we are building a solution to meet these needs ASAP. We have finalised our prototype and are coding as fast as we can. Our new solution will help meet the extraordinary needs of the most important vaccination programme this country has ever seen:

  • A simple UI for the specific, highly-repeatable task of recording vaccinations – supported on common devices (all internet connected laptops and tablets)  
  • A clinical-grade but slimmed down patient record, based on the internationally recognised FHIR data model, and SNOMED coded for better data analysis and accuracy.
  • Cloud hosted and accessible via the internet, with potential to work offline if required, yet securely stored in the cloud.

This is what Eva exists to do: use tech to solve the problems in healthcare that matter most to patients and clinicians. We are proud to support our NHS. 

If you want to find out more then click here to get in touch. We’ll get back to you to discuss and see if we can help you meet the unprecedented needs of these Covid Vaccine programmes.