Eva is building the technology that will underpin the unified health and wellbeing record of the future. Our ambition is to become a mission-critical solution for primary care professionals and to help improve the health and wellbeing of 10 million people by 2025. To do this we need to take a leap forward. 

We are not alone and can see digital transformation is moving at a faster pace than ever within the NHS, as demonstrated with the COVID pandemic and the rapid adoption of video consultations in the NHS. For us to be at the forefront, we need to work with the newest technologies and leverage the advances drawn from other sectors too. We need a revolution in the technologies that can handle the quantity of data and can share data instantly, safely and securely. Our passionate and experienced team is hard at work building these tools, that the NHS needs to improve health and wellbeing for patients, and ease the burden on clinicians. 

As part of this journey, we have to face some very tough decisions. Today we have taken one of those tough decisions and told our NHS customers that we will be retiring our legacy NHS product; the classic ‘Evolution’ GPSoC-compliant solution. We will be continuing to support the customers impacted through this transition, and work hard to ensure they can continue caring for their patients without disruption.

Over the years, Evolution was used by over 200 GP Practices, with patient population sizes up to 53,000 patients and stored over 1.2 million patient records. It has come on a long journey with us and served clinicians and patients well for many years. Now it is time to recognise and appreciate all the product has done for our customers and their patients, and then move forward. With laser sharp focus on moving to new technologies, on the cloud, operating at scale, high-performance and enhanced security; no longer will we be contorting the technology of the past into a shape that it will not fit. 

As a result, we will accelerate our work with NHS Digital to onboard our new, cloud-native, next generation product to the GPIT Futures Digital Care Services framework. We hope you’ll agree that this new product will be worth the wait!  

Note: our Private Practice customers, who use a different version of the product, are not impacted directly by this decision. We will continue to work as normal ensuring there is no disruption to their service or tools.

For more information please contact info@evahealth.co.uk

About Eva Health Technologies: Eva is a healthtech company building a mission-critical solution for Electronic Health and Wellbeing Records, aiming to improve the health and wellbeing of 10 million people by 2025. Leveraging two decades of experience in the primary care software market in the UK, our fresh take aims to support the ways of working in the future. We aim to build software that connects professionals, engages consumers, and drives better health outcomes.