Welcome to Eva Health Technologies

A huge welcome to Spencer Noble – Joining the Eva Health Technologies team as our new Head of Business Development, bringing with him over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare sector. As we continue our journey to make the world healthier and happier, Spencer shares his thoughts on innovation, the future of healthcare technologies and user experience: 

What new opportunities do you see for tech to improve healthcare?

I think that everywhere you look in healthcare there are opportunities for digitisation. This might be through introducing new ways of working, AI in diagnostics and patients managing their own conditions through wearable tech. The most important thing to remember that the tech needs to be easy to use to ensure that it gets adopted by the end user.

How has tech changed the way healthcare professionals work?

I suppose that depends on who you talk to!! With all things tech it is dependent on how it is implemented and adopted to ensure that you get the best results. Electronic Health Records are a great example of how they have improved the way GPs and health professionals work, without this the increasing demands would have been completely unsustainable. The EHR needs to evolve further to ensure that it becomes more efficient and effective to relieve the pressure on clinicians, and improve the quality of care for patients.

What excites you about the future of healthcare and digital transformation? 

The Covid pandemic has demonstrated how the NHS can digitise at scale and pace. The rapid adaptation of video consultations demonstrates this. It also shows how suppliers and the NHS can work collaboratively and pragmatically to move the digital transformation agenda quickly. This culture shift needs to continue as the norm moving forwards and not revert to pre Covid. The opportunities that this culture shift will bring are what really excites me about the future and having a responsive NHS on a national level rather than the localised transformation we see at present.

What is your favourite healthcare innovation and why?

That’s not an easy question to answer, there’s so many out there. If I’m looking at it from a clinical sense then the likes of vaccination and penicillin would be high on the list. From a tech perspective then the electronic health record has been huge and what it has brought to every healthcare professional within the NHS. The beauty is whilst EHR’s have been around for 30 years they are still evolving and Eva Health Tech will be at the forefront of this.