PUBLIC, parent company of Eva, is pleased to announce a roundtable considering the role of technology in capturing and analysing Long COVID information.

Over 2 million adults in England are estimated to have or have had Long COVID, with 385,000 people in the UK estimated to have been suffering with symptoms for more than a year. In response to this legacy left by the pandemic, Government recently announced 15 new research studies into Long COVID, backed by at least £19.6 million of funding. This research is monumentally important to understand how the disease behaves and how institutions, carers, families and policymakers should respond to the complex array of symptoms Covid can leave behind in its wake.

In light of these developments, PUBLIC will bring together leading stakeholders from the public and private sector to consider the role of technology in aiding Long COVID care through information capture and analysis. Roundtable themes will include how technology can facilitate effective information sharing among multidisciplinary clinicians, the effectiveness of symptom tracking apps, telephone screening tools, and digital symptom management tools including Your Covid Recovery NHS app and Living with My Covid Recovery, which is now live in several NHS trusts.

The roundtable – scheduled to take place on Thursday 16th September at 11am-12:30pm BST – will be held as a hybrid event with speakers joining in person at PUBLIC Hall in Westminster, or also have the option to join us virtually if travel is not possible.The discussion will be chaired by PUBLIC’s CIO, Alexander de Carvalho.

We hope you are able to join the event and would welcome any views you may have on the points for discussion. Should you be unable to attend, we would be happy for you to pass the invitation onto senior colleagues who may be interested.