Hello! My name is Maddy, and I’m the new CEO of Eva Health Technologies, formerly Microtest. 

I’m excited to be joining a business with a long, proud history of innovation at a moment when innovation is needed more than ever. In 2020, healthcare delivery in the UK is changing at the fastest pace probably since the inception of the NHS in 1948. Eva can play an important role in supporting new ways of delivering care in the community. 

This business has reinvented itself before to meet the change needs of its customers over the past 30 years, and together we will do so again now to be a health tech leader again in the 2020s. 

Covid-19 has challenged all care providers, and the software suppliers who serve them, to reimagine what is needed to deliver safe and effective patient care remotely. The stakes have never been higher, and there was next to no time to prepare for the radical changes that were needed to cope with an unparalleled lockdown and a novel viral threat. As the initial uncertainty and urgency recedes, the shortcomings of the existing software solutions are starting to bite. Reimagining what is needed to support community based care needs to start with understanding deeply the way care will be delivered in the future as we evolve to thrive despite, or perhaps because of, Covid-19.

Collaboration and co-design will need to come to the fore in this reimagining. I am heartened by what I have found at Eva on this. Collaboration with our customers has been the overriding theme of my conversations to date with customers and with staff on what it means to work with or for Eva. Within the DNA of the business, there is an ethos that we are here to serve our customers and help them to care for patients. This customer focus is a core value of the business and one we will cherish and constantly strive to live by. 

Who is Maddy?

Maddy has joined Microtest from Allocate Software, one of the most successful health tech businesses in the UK. With a focus on Human Capital Management software for doctors and nurses, Allocate Software’s SaaS solutions schedule over 1 million healthcare workers around the world to deliver 24/7 patient care. Maddy was responsible for Corporate Development, and business strategy. She managed acquisitions (4 over 3 years), the sale of the business from Hg to Vista Equity Partners in 2018, and other strategic programmes (eg, the rebrand in 2017 and the closure of the legacy patient flow business). 

Prior to this, she worked for the Care Quality Commission, the Regulator for health and care in England. She worked with the CQC over 3 years to help shape the strategic agenda to improve the quality of care, and reduce the risks for citizens when they are at their most vulnerable and in greatest need. 

She has been a Harkness Fellow in health policy and practice, funded by the Commonwealth Fund, and based at the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley, California. In 2012-2014, she was a civil servant at Number 10 Downing Street, advising PM David Cameron on the health, care and life sciences agenda.